Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What types of jobs are available?

We are currently focused on restaurant, retail, and hospitality jobs. We will be launching other industries over the coming months and will announce them as we do.

Where is Hirewire Operating?

Today, The Greater Atlanta Area, but soon we’ll be launching nationally.

Forgot Password!

It happens to the best of us… Just use the ‘Forgot Password’ link under every login page and be sure to check your spam folder!

For Job Seekers

How can I see more Employers?

The current employers that show up in your ‘Discover’ feed are generated based on your profile and your job interests. To broaden or focus the employers you see, increase or decrease the distance you are willing to travel and change the industries and types of jobs you are interested in!

How do I pause or cancel my account!

Great, Hirewire connected you with the perfect job and you don’t need us right now! You can hide your account from managers by making your account undiscoverable. In your mobile app, under the ‘Me’ tab, tap into your ‘preferences’ and toggle the ‘Discoverable’ option and employers will no longer see your profile!

For Employers

How do I add a job post?

Go to the ‘candidates’ tab in the mobile app. Tap on ‘create job post’ and select part time or full time, the position (you must choose one), add a detailed description - including what the qualifications are, responsibilities, hours, pay, additional links to apply, etc. Select minimum required experience and add minimum age if desired.

How do I pay? What is included in the monthly subscription?

To upgrade your location go to the ‘More or Me Tab’, tap Upgrade My Account and look through the plans. Each plan is described on this tab. The monthly subscriptions auto renew one month after initial purchase date. You can cancel by reaching out to our team at anytime. Cancels must be requested prior to the subscription renewal date.

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